Harry Riley Returns!

Local bon vivant and ambassador of top shelf liquor Harry Riley stopped by and we all had a wonderful conversation.  It was wonderful and we hope to have him back post haste.

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Derek Schoonover

Fresh-faced upstart to the Spokane comedy scene, Derek Schoonover joined us to talk about poetry, comedy, and what its like living in Brownes Addition.


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Phil Kopczynski

Friend of the podcast and local comedy superstar Phil Kopczynski stopped by and had a wonderful conversation about scouting, his career, and what we can expect from him moving forward.  He's recording a special on May 12th at The Big Dipper, follow the links for tickets.

Go to the banner on the top of the page for a link to tickets to his album recording

Also, follow the link below for tickets to see Phil open for Dennis Miller, yes THAT Dennis Miller, at The Fox Theater on April 6th



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Scotty G or Scott Gee Sus Gustafson

Friend of the podcast and Spokane's best dressed comic, Scotty G joined the guys for a good old fashioned conversation and some laughs.

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