Getting Started in the New Year

I'm going to start writing something in this as a kind of resolution for the new year, either that or just take it down; but I'm willing to try one more time before fully committing to its destruction.  Probably the most pressing issue facing us right now is the change of leadership that's about to take place in our country's capital.  For some of us, its a terrifying realization of what happens when ill-informed people are fed a stead diet of fictitious narratives, while others of us are seeing it as a chance for the nation to go through a period of rebirth in which the swamp is drained and refilled with cleaner, less salty water.  Regardless of where you fall on that spectrum it seems that tons of people are feeling pretty bummed about the state of things and looking for something to help them get by.  Personally, the thing that's making it easier for me to get through is the realization that universe is in balance, and seeks to return to that state when it gets out of whack.  

Haters goin' hate


All that having been said, its been a great week for us after having a most generous and flattering article written about us in The Inlander's "After Hours" section by the wonderful Jordy Byrd.  We've also just scheduled an episode with the owners of Cannabis and Glass so look forward to that coming out  in the next little bit.  Again, supreme thanks and feeling of love to all of you who have taken the time to visit our site and / or listen to our podcast.  I say to you, gentle souls of the internet, Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.


p.s. If you can read this Uncle Bob, you might take two minutes to look up Matthew 7:1-7:12.

Getting Started is the hardest part...

When you hear people say that taking the first step is the hardest part, they're right.  Its the hardest part of any journey because that first step is the moment when things become real.  From that moment onward you're committed to seeing the project through.  If you take one step and never move forward again you have failed, but at least you have tried.  Its not much, but that first step is more than most people ever give their ideas.  Tonight, we're taking our first step and making our dream a little more tangible.  2015 is the year of professionalism and we're going to be doing our best to strive for that goal.  Surely there will be some missteps, this is a podcast about weed and whiskey after all, but we promise we'll give it our all for the whole next year, and for many to come.  We look forward becoming better orators with your assistance and hope you'll join us in our endeavor to smoke weed, drink whiskey, and generally enjoy life!